Social media has been often touted for the role it played in the popular uprisings that have spread across the Arab world since December 2010. Despite the buzz, you may be surprised that only 0.26% of the Egyptian population, 0.1% of the Tunisian population, and 0.04% of the Syrian population are active on Twitter. Of all the countries in North Africa and the Middle East, Twitter is most popular in Kuwait, where 8.6% of the population is active users, defined as those who tweet at least once per month. Facebook’s more popular throughout the region. In its most popular country, the U.A.E., some 36.18% of the population is on Facebook. Khaled ElAhmad (who goes by the Internet alias Shusmo) created these two infographics, exploring Facebook and Twitter trends in the Arab world, using His data comes from a Dubai School of Government report on Arab Social Media. Take a look through the two infographics, which also show the growth of the social networks by country and overall membership stats. Did you expect more people to be active social media users? How do you think your country’s habits compare? You can also check out infographics on how China and India do social networking. Editor’s note: Our community noted that the infographic omits Israel from the Twitter statistics infographic. Mashable does not support this omission. We chose to publish the infographic because its content is based on countries that primarily speak the Arabic language, rather than the map’s content. The post has no political intention.

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